ELYTEL Telecomunicaciones Málaga | ABOUT ELYTEL
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We have grown up with

Our company was created in 1987, since then, we have gone hand in hand with change.


We have been in the sector for 34 years. We have seen from the first satellite dishes to the liberalization of telecommunications, through the birth of such everyday services as mobile phones or the Internet.


We did not impose the pace of change, but we decided to walk at the same speed to be able to bring telecommunications closer to you in an easy, profitable and pleasant way for you.

Hemos crecido con
las telecomunicaciones

Nuestra empresa se creó en 1987 y, desde entonces, hemos ido de la mano del cambio.


Llevamos 30 años en el sector y hemos visto desde las primeras antenas parabólicas hasta la liberalización de las telecomunicaciones, pasando por el nacimiento de servicios tan cotidianos como el móvil o internet.


El ritmo del cambio no lo impusimos nosotros, pero decidimos caminar a la misma velocidad para poder acercarte las telecomunicaciones de una manera fácil, rentable y agradable para ti.

Commitment, trust, seriousness and flexibility

Our team has a deep understanding of telecommunications, but also of people. Technology is useless if it is not at the service of each one of us to make our lives easier.


Elytel’s human component is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our commitment to you and to the work we do to make your life better is unbreakable.


In each of the projects in which we are involved, we take care of every last detail, accompanying you until the end to make sure that everything you had in mind and we proposed is fulfilled.

This is the Elytel philosophy, this is our particular way of doing things. We speak?